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What is Hoppiness? The Origin Story of Peas and Hoppiness


Baby blogger Ann back home on the farm, learning about Nitrogen Fertilizer and Crop Rotation in agriculture

Peas and Hoppiness. Yes, it’s a food pun. No, it’s not a typo – it’s spelled with an “O.” As in “hops,” like what’s used to brew beer.

Peas and Hoppiness started as a brainstorming session of potential food pun names after encouragement from my mom to start a blog.

What would I write about? There are a lot of food bloggers out there, after all.

As a newly minted dietitian counseling my patients about nutrition in the Cray Diabetes Center at KU Med and then shortly after in my new job in Colorado, I quickly noticed my patients 1) didn’t have any idea what a living, working farm looks like and 2) had never been taught how to cook – and so processed and fast foods were staples of life.

I decided I could write about these very things and thus was born Peas and Hoppiness.

What started as a hobby blog to give my patients a glimpse into modern farm life has now evolved into an exploration of sustainable agriculture, equitable food systems, evidenced-based nutrition, and plant-forward recipes.

It seems like a wide array of broad topics, but they’re all linked through Peas and Hoppiness.

“Peas” might seem self-explanatory: a pun on “peace” using one of my favorite vegetables, which embodies my nutrition philosophy that to truly nourish your body, you must find peace with food. “Peas” is about ditching diet culture, using science rather than fads to inform my nutrition coaching, and providing practical resources to make it easier for busy families to get with the Peas & Hoppy Meal Guide Membership.

“Hoppiness” is a bit more broad, so today I’m sharing what Hoppiness means to me and what I hope it conveys to you.

Hoppiness Means Food is More than Fuel

Happiness. Joy. Community. Love. Culture.

Food is so many things. To reduce food to mere nutrients – to the chemical formula of carbohydrates and vitamins – is to lose at least some of its nutritive value.

Hoppiness, then, is an exploration of these intersections. How enjoying a glass of wine with a friend can improve your health. How sampling the local cuisine can help you better understand the culture of a new place. How sharing a meal with people you love can increase your lifespan.

Hoppiness is a play on the “hops” used to brew beer. It might seem counterintuitive that a health and food blog would include gluten and alcohol in its very title, but this is intentional; if a food brings you joy, it’s worth your time even if it doesn’t directly nourish your body.

Hoppiness Means Health and Wellness is More than Food

Health is so complex. The more layers of health I peel back, the more layers I find.

Yes, going to the doctor when you don’t feel well is important.

But before that, to optimize your health it’s important to nourish your body with quality food and take care of your heart, lungs, and muscles with physical activity.

The start of Peas & Hoppiness moving from hobby to business: my mom and I modeling the ethically-made products I sell

But… it starts before this.

Health starts with your relationships – with yourself, your family, your co-workers, your friends.

Health is built on not only a sound body, but also a healthy mind. Mental wellness can’t be overlooked and includes meditation, joyful movement, gratitude, and community.

Hoppiness is all that’s underneath nutrition and movement which supports well-being.

Hoppiness is the Intersection of Food + All Good Things

Since that day in 2015, sitting on my couch, Googling “How to start a blog,” I’ve learned a lot on my journey towards sustainability.

I’ve identified the three “silos” of agriculture, food, and nutrition which need to be linked to create sustainable food systems. I’m learning more every day how generational trauma, racism, poverty, corporate power, and government incentives make linking these silos extremely challenging.

I’m finding my niche in uniting these silos, by collaborating with others who have similar goals, writing practical recipes to help families enjoy dinnertime, and coaching 1-1 clients with an Intuitive Eating approach.

While the topics under the “hoppiness” tab might seem random, the common thread is love. Love for yourself, love for your fellow humans, and love for the planet.


My current family, summer of 2021 – Myself, Patrick, Jonah (he’s so tall!!), and baby Kent


In my posts, I can see my own transformation to a kinder, gentler human. Today you’ll meet a version of myself who has fewer food rules, more grace for herself and others, and a continued passion to leave this world and the people I meet better than when I found them.

The goal isn’t perfection; the goal is improvement. Not just in a superficial way, but in soul-deep way. A way which transforms your community.

I’ll leave you with a favorite quote, soon to be hung in baby boy’s room: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

I hope you actively choose to grow in kindness, love, and goodness.

With Peas and Hoppiness,

xo Ann

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